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  • Martinsville. Hershey: Keep fluoride in water

    On July 14, Martinsville City Council will decide whether to remove fluoride from the city water supply for the first time in 50 years. According to West Piedmont Health District Director Dr. Jody Hershey, there are no benefits – health-related or financial – to removing fluoride from city drinking water. However, he said, there are […]

  • PFOA restriction would `effectively ban’ fluoropolymers

    A proposed REACH restriction on the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the EU would effectively prevent the use of all fluoropolymers in products, say two electronics trade bodies. PFOA is a processing aid for manufacturing fluoropolymers, which are used in the electronics, textiles and automotive industries, to name a few, for their heat, water, […]

  • Denmark announces advisory ban on PFCs in food packaging

    Minister calls for tighter EU controls, citing ‘good experience’ with German limit The Danish government has announced an advisory limit on the use of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in paper and cardboard food packaging. Announcing the limit – which is designed to act as a ban – environment minister Eva Kjer Jansen said: “Consumer safety is […]

  • Medical Malpractice and Water Fluoridation in the Republic of Ireland

    The Irish Health Research Board (HRB) in their recent review say that they found no definite evidence that community water fluoridation has negative health effects. Yet remarkably, and extraordinarly, the review did not in any way assess the exposure of the Irish population to fluoride; including the contribution of water fluoridation, food or beverage consumption, […]

  • HRB review failed to measure fluoride exposure of the population

    Dear Editor, The Health Research Board (HRB) in its recent review said that it found no definite evidence that community water fluoridation has negative health effects (‘No conclusive proof’ of negative effects’, IMT, June 12, 2015). Yet remarkably, and extraordinarily, the review did not in any way access the exposure of the Irish population to […]

  • Anti-fluoride group air controversial TV ads

    An anti-fluoride group has crowdfunded almost $30,000 to fund a controversial national ad campaign with claims scientists call misleading. Fluoride-Free NZ bought four primetime ad spots on July 31 for thousands of dollars each, and plan to keep the campaign going. These are their first national TV ads. One ad compares New Zealand’s fluoridation with other […]

  • Asheville: Water fluoridation faces tipping point

    With city council elections coming up, Raleigh’s attempt to commandeer Asheville’s water system remains in court. A related concern has been put off long enough. For 50 years, Asheville has medicated its water customers with fluoride. City voters approved, and the practice began in 1965. County voters had previously opposed fluoridation, but the N.C. Supreme […]

  • Our kids’ bodies contaminated with chemicals! (Part 4)

    Last week, I wrote about the flame retardant chemical, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, (PBDEs), in children’s wear, as well as phthalates in plastic water bottles, toys, and beauty care products. These articles are to make parents more aware of the chemically wrapped gifts offered to their children by the food, clothing, body care, and toy industries. […]

  • Newburyport. Letter: Hiding behind degrees and associations

    To the editor: I was one of the dozen or more opponents of fluoride in our drinking water who spoke at the Newburyport Council on Monday, Jan. 15. My sources of knowledge were from the Fluoride Action Network whose information comes from peer review scientific research. The Daily News article, “Fluoride vote under review,” referenced the degrees and professional […]

  • Leitrim County Council unanimously calls for ban on the addition of fluoride to water supplies

    Congratulations to the people of County Leitrim where their elected representatives at last weeks County meeting passed a motion calling on the Government to immediately cease public water fluoridation in Ireland. The joint motion was tabled by Cllr Brendan Barry (SF) and Cllr Sean McDermott (FG), “That Leitrim County Council would be calling on the […]