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Fluoride topic of discussion at Warren City Council

Source: Times Observer (Warren, PA) | April 22nd, 2008 | By LYDIA COTTRELL

Warren City Council will continue to research the idea of adding fluoride to city water.

After Angela Darr made a request at March’s city council meeting to have fluoride added to city water, the public works department was directed to research the idea.

According to Public Works Director, Brent Ordiway, Pennsylvania American Water Company was contacted. The Public Works Department received information regarding fluoride and public comments on the issue.

“Just about all the comments we received from the public in general were negative,” Ordiway said. He added that the Pennsylvania American Water Company remains neutral when it comes to putting fluoride into public water.

Council member, John Lewis said that the idea of putting fluoride in the water is a concern with parents who want to prevent dental problems in their children.

“In the area of New Jersey I am from, if they had fluoride the water ten years early, myself and my brothers could have had a lot better teeth,” Lewis said.

As an advocate for the fluoride, Lewis told council that he would like to see evidence from medical doctors and dentists on the pros and cons of putting fluoride into the water.

For fluoride to be put into the water, all of the municipalities that use the public water, which includes Pleasant, Mead, Glade and Conewango Townships, would have to agree to it.

“Each one of the communities that is supplied water by the Pennsylvania American Water Company would all have to agree, they can’t stop it at any point from the city,” Ordiway said.

While Lewis would like to have a public forum with input from medical professionals, Mayor Mark Philips thought that it would be wise to see if the other municipalities were interested before taking the time to open the subject to discussion.

“We will send communications to these adjoining municipalities and ask them if they are aware of the situation,” Philips said. “With the understanding that all of us of none of us get it.”