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Fraser Coast. Editorial: Scientifically nuanced fluoride decision not for laymen

Source: The Fraser Coast Chronicle | February 15th, 2013 | By Clementine Norton
Location: Australia

EDITORIAL: The sheer volume of mail received by this office on the topic of fluoride shows the matter is a grave concern to a vocal segment of our community.

In the past two weeks alone, we have received numerous letters, emails and phone calls about the chemical’s addition to our water supply – on both sides of the debate.

We also have at least three copies of Christopher Bryson’s The Fluoride Deception sent in by readers who are keen to convince this paper’s editorial staff that fluoride is nothing more than a poison.

Under pressure from readers, I have read the book, and it is indeed riveting.

It reads like a whodunnit, with conspiracies and government cover-ups galore.

It harks back to a Cold War era of paranoia – a fitting analogy considering the book points the finger squarely at the US government, the military and public health officials – even tying in the scare factor of the atom bomb.

In the edition I read, at least a third of the book was taken up with footnotes, so it’s well-researched to say the least.

By the last page, I must admit that I was still not convinced that the fluoride that is put in our water is the enemy it’s made out to be.

For all the evidence quotes, there is a lot more that has not been included, because it is not favourable to the author’s conclusion.

Isn’t that the case in most scientific studies?

But I have realised one important thing from reading this book.

Namely, that it is nothing short of ludicrous for an issue so contentious, and scientifically nuanced as fluoride, to be decided by a local government council – laymen in regards to such chemicals and their effect on public health.