Fluoride Action Network

Plattsburgh: Group Asks City To Remove Fluoride From Water

Source: MSNBC / Plattsburgh/Burlington, NY/VT | March 14th, 2009
Location: United States, New York

Representatives from the Fluoride Action Network asked Plattsburgh city councilors Thursday to take fluoride out of the city drinking water.

Network representative Paul Connett said fluoride is to blame for long list of of health problems, and he wants it removed from the water.

“Fluoride also has other things like lead in it”, said Connett supporter Bill Provost. “It has other heavy metals too, so it’s a bad substance. It’s a carcinogen, and we don’t need it in our water.”

Plattsburgh Mulling Flouride Request

But dentists say fluoride’s health benefits far outweigh any possible long-term negative side affects.

“It gets into the hydroxyapatite crystal of the tooth, said” Dr. Bob Heins. “It makes the tooth resistant to the toxins made by bacteria in the mouth. That’s a given fact.”

City councilors said they are still gathering information on the topic. It will be some time before they decide whether or not to remove fluoride from the water.