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Has Your Email Provider Been Blocking Our Updates? Here’s How to Tell

December 15th, 2023 | Stuart Cooper, Fluoride Action Network

Have you been receiving all of our bulletins this December or in recent months? Some long-time supporters and email subscribers have reached out to let me know that they have been missing our emails. I looked into it with our newsletter software providers and found that hundreds of key supporters were inactivated due to this glitch. Evidently, some email providers prematurely “time out’ and stop making a connection with our server during delivery of our emails, causing bounce-backs that result in your status becoming “inactive” in our system. We took the past 36 hours to fix this problem and reactivate everyone.

If this applies to you–or if you’ve been getting our emails but haven’t had the time to read them all–I’ve posted links to all of our December bulletins below to make it easy to see what you missed.

New Revealing Depositions Clips 

STAY TUNED! The next two bulletins from FAN will include newly released video clips from two depositions that our attorneys conducted for our lawsuit in federal court. They’re very revealing and will be especially useful for anyone working to remove fluoride from their drinking water, so you won’t want to miss them.

Fundraising Update

Since Wednesday’s bulletin, we’ve raised $1,745 from 26 supporters, bringing our current total to $16,640 from 135 donors, on our way to our goal of raising $120,000 from 800 donors by midnight on December 31st to fund FAN’s 2024 operating budget. Thank you to all who have invested in an end to fluoridation.

As you can tell, the fundraiser is moving much slower than normal. Maybe it’s due to the economy or to issues with our emails not getting into the proper inboxes, but I can’t emphasize how important 2024 will be with a ruling in our court case and the publication of the NTP report along with the first studies looking at fluoride and IQ in U.S. populations.

Thankfully, we have a new limited-time offer and our second doubling-challenge thanks to two long-time organizers who want to see FAN cross the finish line.

LIMITED OFFER: Long-time supporter and organizer Jack Crowther from Vermont has a fun new offer for the next 40 donors! In an effort to get our fundraising numbers moving faster than sap from maple trees in spring, he is offering the first 40 people who donate $100 or more a pint of pure Vermont maple syrup. If you’re one of the lucky ones who qualify for this sweet New England delicacy, we will use the address provided in your donation form to ship it to you at no cost. So please double-check to make sure your information is correct when you submit it.

DOUBLING CHALLENGE #2: Thanks to our second super-angel, the next $5,000 will be doubled!!

How to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation:

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper, Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network