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New Presentation By Author of Fluoride Neurotoxicity Studies

June 30th, 2023 | Fluoride Action Network

Dear Friends:

An important new video is now available, featuring a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation and a 15-minute Q&A session with the senior author of several significant fluoride neurotoxicity studies. The event was hosted in May by a community organization from Windsor, Ontario, called Windsor On Watch.

The webinar by Professor Christine Till, Ph.D., focuses on the current state of research on fluoride neurodevelopmental toxicity, including her own landmark studies looking at fetal and infant fluoride exposure. It also includes a discussion of potential adverse health outcomes associated with fluoride exposure, particularly during early childhood development.

Dr. Till is an award-winning researcher with particular interest in children’s environmental health and is the principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant focused on testing the effects of fluoride exposure during pregnancy on thyroid function and child neurodevelopment. She’s an adjunct scientist to the Neurosciences and Mental Health Program at SickKids and an associate professor of Psychology at York University.

She is the senior author of several significant fluoride studies, including the JAMA Pediatrics fluoride neurotoxicity study (Green 2019), the 2020 study, Fluoride exposure from infant formula and child IQ in a Canadian birth cohort, and the 2018 study, Community Water Fluoridation and Urinary Fluoride Concentrations in a National Sample of Pregnant Women in Canada.

This hour-long presentation is one of the best opportunities available to hear directly from a scientist who has been on the cutting edge of research investigating the effects of water fluoridation on children’s IQs. Please share this on social media, with friends, neighbors, and family, as well as with your local decision-makers.