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New Film: Our Daily Dose

Fluoride Action Network | October 20, 2015

Fluoride Action Network is thrilled to announce the launch of “Our Daily Dose,” a brilliant and beautiful 20 minute film on fluoridation directed and produced by filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (director of the acclaimed documentary “GMO OMG”). Made with a deft artistry, the film packs a powerful punch.

The film can be viewed online for free at http://www.ourdailydosefilm.com/watch-the-film/

The video can also be downloaded (for $10) at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ourdailydose

Here is what people are saying about Our Daily Dose:

“Compelling and convincing, this film overturns the industry dogma on fluoride, exposing the toxic truth about what we put in our drinking water.”
-Lois Gibbs, Love Canal Hero and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
“A much-needed clarion call on fluoride — the ‘miracle’ drug whose harmful legacy we are only now beginning to understand. If the safety of your food and water is important to you, watch this film!”
-Ed Begley Jr
“My career has been about making people aware of harmful exposures and the deception that often accompanies those exposures. Drinking water fluoridation is harmful, we’ve been deceived to believe it is safe, and with new found knowledge we must all act now to stop it.”
-Erin Brockovich

Please consider showing this amazing film in your community, and on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This movie will surely hasten fluoridation’s inevitable demise. Our task is to share it with as many people as possible, including through home screening parties, community meetings, and online social media.


The Team at FAN