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The Awful Reality: A Plea To Grandparents

December 29th, 2022 | Fluoride Action Network

Dear Friends:


Yesterday we raised $2,585 from 25 donors. Since all donations until the end of the fundraiser are being doubled, this turned into $5,170, bringing our new total to $67,734 from 474 donors. Thank you to all who have supported FAN during this fundraiser for our 2023 operating budget, and of course those who have continued to fight for fluoride-free water year after year.

We only have three more days to try to get as close as possible to our goal of $180,000 from 1000 donors by midnight on New Years Eve. As I shared yesterday, to help us get closer to our goal a “super angel” has offered to match all donations until the end of the fundraiser… but we received a second incredible matching-pledge just yesterday from another dedicated leader and local organizer in our organization. He would like to match the next $3,000 in donations. This means that the next $3,000 in donations will be TRIPLED!

Please help us take advantage of these two generous offers over the next three days.

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A Plea To Grandparents From Paul Connett

Little Teddy is our third grandchild but the only one we have lived with from the day he was born. His antics, his innocence and his daily growth are so precious to us. But because of our involvement with fluoride we realize that little Teddy was one of the lucky ones. His parents knew to keep fluoride out of his life – his mother avoided fluoride during pregnancy and never used fluoridated water to make up formula. But millions of other parents do not know the awful reality behind these concerns.

The awful reality: If a pregnant woman ingests fluoride – in any form, whether it be toothpaste, or fluoridated water– inevitably that fluoride will enter the fetal brain from the first day of its existence and interfere with its mental development. In addition, a bottle-fed infant where the infant formula is made up with fluoridated tap water, will also lead to exposure of the developing brain (the blood brain barrier is not fully formed until about 6 months of life).

This isn’t idle theorizing or fear-mongering- this is what the best science – much of it now funded by US agencies like the NIEHS – is telling us (Bashash, 2017 and 2018); (Green, 2019; Riddell, 2019 and Till 2020). As little as 0.2 ppm (we fluoridate at 0.7 ppm) could lead to a loss of one IQ point (Grandjean, 2021).

We know this. FAN knows this and you know this, but most people and sadly most parents do not. Government regulatory agencies, professional bodies and the mainstream media are not telling them. Apparently, the policy of water fluoridation is so entrenched in government policy that this awful reality must be hidden from parents and the general public. Precious reputations are at stake and a lot more money is still there to be made by the dental industry, the sugar industry, and the toothpaste manufacturers. Then of course there is the problem of losing the public’s trust if the mighty US government admits that a policy that they have forced on its people for over 70 years was a gigantic mistake.

My Request

So to the point of this bulletin. FAN is in trouble. In our annual fundraiser we are falling short of both of our goals of $180,000 from 1000 donors. I am not sure about the money but I am sure we can do something about the number of donors. So that is why I am calling on all grandparents– whether you have made your own contribution or not – to put in a second contribution in the name of each of your precious grandchildren–your own little Teddys (say $1, $5 or more for each grandchild as your circumstances allow). I am not a wealthy person but I am going to take a lead on this and put $100 for each of our three grandchildren into the pot.

Time is short – please send us an email with the names of your grandchildren and the total you wish to donate. Then make your donation in the usual way. Each grandchild will be listed as a donor – you can tell them later what you did in their name. You can reply to this email bulletin (info@fluoridealert.org) or email FAN’s Director, Stuart Cooper: stuart@fluoridealert.org

The reason for all this is to help FAN to continue its crucially important work of informing the public, decision-makers, the scientific community (and anyone else who will listen) about this awful reality, which incredibly we are doing to ourselves and to our children. There are two kinds of tragedies in this world – avoidable one and unavoidable. Fluoridation is an avoidable one if only the people in charge could show a modicum of intelligence and human decency.

Photo: Little Teddy (one of the lucky ones).

Thank you,

Paul Connett