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Invitation to become a founding member of the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation

FAN Bulletin | March 24, 2014

Dear Supporter:

Over the last 18 years I have had the great privilege of visiting many of the communities and individuals working to end – or prevent – fluoridation in their communities. I can state without hesitation that we have a fantastic worldwide movement of people fighting this unethical and reckless practice. But for many citizens, decision-makers and the media this movement is invisible beyond local actions, which are often marginalized.

Thus starting now we would like to make this movement more visible by forming the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation.

Thus we would invite your group to add its name (and contact details) to the founding members listed below. Please return to pconnett@gmail.com.

Joining this Alliance imposes no new obligations on you. Please carry on with what you are doing – but with the knowledge that you will be visibly part of a larger movement around the world. Hopefully, by doing so it will help you to feel less lonely and marginalized in your efforts and give each one of us a greater feeling of unity and strength. Together we will win this battle not just locally but everywhere.

FAN will continue to do everything we can to help you in your local efforts especially via our webpage FluorideAlert.org.

Signing onto the Alliance statement makes you a member and entitles you to add the statement Founding Member of the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation at the end of your letterhead and leaflets.

Other than this we request that you do not make any statement in the name of the Alliance. All the statements and activities you organize you should do only in your group’s name. However, from time to time we at FAN might circulate some suggested action or statement that your group may choose to join or endorse.

If you are an individual concerned about this practice then we urge you to form a group. We suggest you start with friends and other colleagues and when you have a small nucleus organize a small meeting to attract others. If you can’t think of a name we suggest either (Town name) Citizens for Safe Water or Fluoride Free (Town Name). Please contact our campaign manager Stuart Cooper at stuart@fluoridealert.org if you need help doing this.

The Membership statement:

Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation

The following groups working to end water fluoridation in their local communities, states or countries, are uniting to end fluoridation worldwide. By uniting in this way we will show to the public, the media and decision makers the depth and breadth of this movement across the world. While hugely outspent by government agencies, the dental lobby and industrial interests, local groups opposing this practice are securing important victories largely because the science and the ethics are on our side (see the supporting document). We need to share these local victories and give moral and practical support to those still struggling. Working together we have a better chance to defeat this practice worldwide. We will win – one open mind at a time – because:

Water fluoridation is unethical, unnatural, unsafe, unproven and unnecessary. 

Signed: (Please add the name of your group, town, state, name of contact and email address and phone number and street address – NOTE: your phone number and street address will not appear on the list that FAN will post on our website.)

Please see the supporting document that provides the basis for these statements (this will be updated from time to time as more scientific research is published). We are hoping that you will be able to use this supporting document as a informative leaflet for the people you are trying to reach.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter and for everything else you are doing to end this practice.

Paul Connett, PhD,

Director, FAN, www.FluorideAlert.org

Co-author of The Case Against Fluoride…(Chelsea Green, 2010).


  • Citizens Against Fluoridation Incorporated (Port Macquarie Area, NSW). Contact: John Lusk, luskjo3@bigpond.com
  • Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc. (Brisbane). Contact: info@qawf.org
  • Les AmiEs de la Terre de Québec (Quebec). Contact: Michel Leclerc
  • Qualité de Vie Écodurable (QVE) (Quebec). Contact: Jean Cloutier, info@qve.qc.ca
  • Hampshire Against Fluoridation, (Southampton). Contact: Anna Peckham  peckhams@yahoo.com


  • Safe Water Alternative NZ Inc (SWANZ). Contact: Trevor Crosbie, tamac@xtra.co.nz
  • New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.  (NYSCOF). Contact: Carol S. Kopf nyscof@aol.com
  • San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water (San Diego, CA). Contact:Patty Ducey-Brooks, pbrooks936@aol.com
  • Washington Action for Safe Water (Washington state, US). Contact Audrey Adams, audrey55@comcast.net

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