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FDA on Bottled Water, 3 Victories & May’s Teleconference

FAN Bulletin | May 7, 2015

Latest Fluoride-Free Victories

  • Oneida, New York—On Tuesday the Common Council voted 5-1 to reject fluoridation for the third time since 2002.  For months, the council has held public hearings and debates on fluoridation, listening to an array of experts on both sides of the issue, including FAN’s Dr. Paul Connett and NY Dept. of Health’s Dental Representative Jay Kumar, who is a long-time promoter of fluoridation.  Despite an aggressive lobbying campaign by the fluoride-lobby, the council and community couldn’t be ticked into believing that the practice was safe, effective, or necessary.
  • Kingsville, Ontario—This Canadian City Council passed a motion last week reaffirming its stance in opposition to fluoridation.  The issue was raised by the former Deputy Mayor, who urged the council to pass the motion to send a message to the provincial government, which is considering mandating the practice.   The community of Lakeshore, Ontario also recently publicized their opposition to fluoridation, and will be sending a letter to provincial officials opposing a mandate.

FDA Announces No More Than 0.7mg/L Be Added to Bottled Water

Simultaneous with the Health & Human Services final recommendation of 0.7 mg/L fluoride for fluoridation schemes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made this recommendation. It is only specific to fluoride that is added to bottled water and does not affect the levels of fluoride permitted under FDA’s bottled water regulations:

 “domestic bottled water can contain between 0.8 and 1.7 milligrams per liter (mg/L) fluoride, depending on annual average air temperatures at the location where the bottled water is sold at retail, and imported bottled water cannot contain more than 0.8 mg/L fluoride.” SEE PRESS RELEASE

May’s Teleconference

This month’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference will be held this Saturday, May 9th at 5PM (Eastern time).  The call will feature a discussion on the new “optimal fluoride level” recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services.  FAN’s own Paul Connett, PhD (Director), Ellen Connett (Manager), and Stuart Cooper (Campaign Manager) will all be on the call to discuss the history of the recommended “optimal level,” the final assessment, what was missing from the report, major questions raised, and how we can use this in our campaigns.


You can also download last month’s teleconference featuring a discussion on using social media to engage, educate, and organize communities in opposition to fluoridation.  Listen to the audio today and take your online fluoridation activism to the next level:


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Campaign Manager, Fluoride Action Network
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