Dear Supporter,

Minnesota is one of thirteen states that mandates the fluoridation of all public drinking water supplies, resulting in 98.7% of communities adding a fluoride additive. This mandate has stifled chances of ending fluoridation at the local level, with city councilors telling campaigners that they “have no choice but to follow state law and Health Department regulations.” The only way to give municipalities and their residents the ability to end fluoridation is to take our campaign to the State House in St. Paul.

State Senator Bobby Joe Champion (D-District 59) has introduced legislation for the 2013/14 session that would end the mandate by repealing the following Minnesota laws:

Minnesota Statute 144.145 requires the fluoridation of water in all municipal water supplies except where natural levels are sufficient.

Minnesota Rule 4720.0030 prescribes the required monitoring of drinking water fluoride concentrations. Municipal water supplies monitor system performance, collect daily samples, and submit reports and results to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) on a monthly basis. They also collect and submit quarterly duplicate samples to the MDH. Samples are collected from distribution system locations that are representative of the entire drinking water system.


We need your help! To successfully reverse the mandate we need to organize a statewide campaign of citizens and professionals in favor of local control over fluoridation. We especially need public health and scientific professionals who are willing to testify at public hearings in the House and Senate, and communicate personally with committee members at their office or over the phone. Volunteers who have a background in graphic design, social media, web design, or public relations are also critical. But no matter what your experience is, if you would like to get involved with this campaign, whether to volunteer or simply follow the effort via email and social media, please contact:

Leslie Davis
(612) 529-5253

If we work together we can repeal the mandate and take one giant step towards a fluoride-free Minnesota.


Stuart Cooper

FAN, Campaign Manager
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