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Posters Available: Protect our Children’s Brains from Fluoride

FAN Bulletin | October 5, 2015

Protect Future Generations & Promote Your Campaign

Over the summer the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) launched a nationwide billboard and poster campaign warning parents that fluoride, served to over 270 million Americans in their tap water, and often mixed with infant formula, was labeled a developmental neurotoxicant in 2014; was linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder this year; and has 45 published papers associating exposure to fluoride with reduced IQ in children.

The billboards and posters ask, “Do you really want your child to drink a neurotoxic chemical?” and urges citizens to “stop artificial water fluoridation,” and to get more information from FAN’s science-based website FluorideAction.net.

The poster is now available!  It’s 18×22 inches and has a lot of space for groups to add their names and contact info; and it’s a great piece of art to advertise a meeting, etc. (even to frame).  Imagine the impact these posters would have on your local campaign if they were put up throughout your town, either in public areas or by private businesses supporting your efforts.

Each poster costs $3 for U.S residents and $5 for Canadian–and this includes postage. Bulk orders are available.  Email Ellen (ellen@fluoridealert.org) for prices with your zip code as mailing costs vary by geographic location.   The artwork needed to print the poster is available if your group wants to print its own.

Pay online at our secure server at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1415005, or send a check payable to Fluoride Action Network, and mail to: FAN, c/o Connett, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton NY 13905. Email questions to ellen@fluoridealert.org

October Teleconference

The next International Fluoride Free Teleconference will be held on Saturday, October 10th at 5PM (Eastern time).  The call is entitled, “Do You Know What You’re Facing,” and will be a great opportunity forcampaigners to share information and experiences to improve everyone’s local, state, and national fluoridation campaigns.


You can now download the audio from September’s teleconference.  The call, entitled “Don’t Mess with Texas Water,” featured key campaigners from Dallas, Austin, and San Marcos.  They shared their recent campaign experiences and successes dealing with the fluoride lobby and elected officials throughout Texas, offering listeners and fellow campaigners insight and advice.  To learn more about he call and to download the audio please click on the following link:


You can now access over 50 hours of expert and activist audio, a comprehensive online activist toolkit, and regularly updated content by visiting the International Fluoride Free Teleconference’s new online library.

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Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager,
Fluoride Action Network

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