Conference Presentation: Fluoride Toxicology 101

Our third presentation from September’s 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride features Paul Connett, PhD—retired chemistry professor, co-author of the “Case Against Fluoride,” and former Director of FAN–providing a detailed overview of fluoride’s toxicology, highlighting the proper way to account for and mitigate the effects of toxic chemicals in the environment.

Stay tuned!  We will continue to release high-quality videos of conference presentations throughout November.

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Powerful Letters on Recent Fluoride/IQ Study

While there was a considerable amount of media coverage of the recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives linking fluoride exposure during pregnancy to lowered IQ in children, too many newspapers failed to share this crucial information with parents and mothers-to-be.  Without this information, how can mothers make an informed decision to protect their children?

In response to the lack of local coverage, two campaigners on opposition sides of the U.S. took it upon themselves to educate neighbors by submitting impressive opinion pieces to local media outlets.  Please read and share these letters, then use them to inspire your own letter to the editor, either cutting and pasting from the letters above, or using our automated system below.

  • Clean Water Portland and Newport organizer Rick North first had a comprehensive opinion piece published in the Lund Report, a health-industry news source for the state of Oregon.
  • Vermont campaigner and FAN Communications Advisor, Jack Crowther, wrote a commentary that was printed in the Rutland Herald, entitled “Study Deals Blow to Fluoridation.”

Send Your Own Letter to the Editor

Help warn mothers, grandmothers, and expecting parents about the danger posed to their child’s health from fluoride.  Send your own letter to the editor of your local newspapers using our automated system:


To slightly increase your chances of getting published, you can cut and paste our letter content (using the link above) and send a personal email using your own account to your local newspaper.  You will need to visit their website to locate the contact information for letter submissions.

Thank you for your participation and continued support.


Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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