In 2007, the Fluoride Action Network began translating foreign language research on fluoride toxicity as a way of improving the current understanding of how fluoride effects human health. Between 2007 and 2012, we translated a total of 48 studies and made each of these studies available on our website. Our hope was that these translations would elevate the scientific debate by introducing to western audiences studies that would otherwise remain unknown and ignored. We were happy, therefore, when a Harvard medical team included eleven of our translations in their review on fluoride and IQ, (Choi 2012), and when one of our translations spurred a research team to investigate (and confirm) fluoride’s neurological effects on industrially exposed workers (Yazdi 2011).

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, FAN has continued to move forward with our translation work in 2013. Since October, we have translated an additional 19 human studies (13 in Chinese and 6 in Russian) and are currently working on several more. We are now in the process of formatting the manuscripts and will be releasing them by the end of the month. This current batch of translations includes:

  • 10 studies on fluoride’s relationship to musculoskeletal problems, including various forms of degenerative arthritis;
  • 6 studies on fluoride’s relationship to cardiovascular disease, including arteriosclerosis;
  • 3 studies on fluoride’s damage to the central nervous system; and
  • 1 study on fluoride’s effect on the male reproductive system.

It would, of course, be unnecessary for FAN to spend the time and resources unearthing these foreign studies if health authorities in the U.S. and other fluoridating countries (like Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand) were actually doing their job by monitoring fluoride’s effects on people’s overall health. Unfortunately, however, these health authorities continue to see their job as promoting fluoridation, rather than studying it from a neutral vantage point — a point that the consumer advocate Ralph Nader has repeatedly made.Promoters of fluoridation like to say that “thousands of studies” have proven the practice safe. However, when the U.S. National Research Council reviewed the research back in 2006, they found a staggering number of potential risks, including how fluoride affects the brain, thyroid gland, and bones.  As Dr. John Doull, the Chairman of the NRC committee noted,

“When we looked at the studies that have been done, we found that many of these questions are unsettled and we have much less information than we should, considering how long this [fluoridation] has been going on.  I think that’s why fluoridation is still being challenged so many years after it began.”

In light of this, the NRC called for a wide range of studies to determine fluoride’s effects on people’s health, particularly with respect to neurological and endocrine disorders. Noting that “remarkably few” studies have been done to determine the levels of fluoride building up in body tissues, the NRC also called for fluoride to “be included in nationwide biomonitoring surveys and nutritional studies.”

Despite these recommendations and warnings, health authorities continue to do little, if any, meaningful research. Rather than re-examining their longstanding assumptions about fluoridation’s safety, fluoridating governments continue to act as if teeth are the only tissue in the body that can be affected from current sources of fluoride exposure. In light of this wholesale failure of responsibility, we believe it is important to monitor the research findings from countries, like China, that actually fund the kind of research on fluoride toxicity that the NRC recommended. Towards this end, FAN will continue translating important new studies so that people here in the U.S., and other fluoridating countries, can stay informed of the potential risks from current fluoride exposures from water, dental productsprocessed beveragesteapesticide residues, and other sources.

The FAN “Study Tracker”

In addition to translating studies from abroad, FAN is working with our favorite team of computer geeks on an ambitious new study tracker system that will allow visitors to FAN’s Research Page an unprecedented ability to stay informed of the latest research — from the U.S. and beyond. The programming for this system is almost complete, and we hope to release it as early as January.

The dental insurance companies, corporate-funded foundations, and government health agencies that push fluoridation have far more money and power than we will ever have. The truth, however, has a funny way of winning out in the end. It will no doubt do so with fluoridation.

Michael Connett, Special Projects Director

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