In this bulletin we provide an additional 25 statements from the list of doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, water treatment operators, and others who have signed the New Professionals’ statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide. Some of these statements have been edited to avoid repetition.

The first statement on this selection comes from one of the professional heroes who have opposed water fluoridation: Dr. Hardy Limeback, former president of the Canadian Association of Dental Research, a former professor at the University of Toronto and a panel member of the landmark 2006 US National Research review of the toxicology of fluoride (NRC, 2006). Hardy put his career on the line to speak truth to power on this issue. Under his statement below we have provided a link to a 30-minute podcast he did recently with Melissa Gallico, the author of The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do About it.  It is an interview to which every student and professor of dentistry should listen. His experience should make them ask questions of those who have this profession mesmerized by this outdated practice.  No profession should behave in the way it has treated those who have dared to speak out on this topic.

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Part 3 – Statements from Professionals Opposed to Fluoridation

Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD

Fluoridation causes dental fluorosis, which is associated with lowered IQ and thyroid gland interference. Fluoridation chemicals are contaminated with arsenic and trace radionuclides, which contribute to the carcinogenic potential of tap water. The benefit is only about one tooth saved per person from dental decay after a lifetime of fluoridation so the benefits are miniscule compared to the known harm fluoridation causes. –Dr. Limeback’s Recent Interview with Melissa Gallico.

Brian McLean, DDS

About 30 years ago I learned to examine evidence that did NOT support a scientific hypothesis or standard of care. It is astonishing how frequently evidence already exists which makes the truth of accepted theories impossible. We have to be brave enough to open our minds. We will then suffer a brief moment of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias will seek to snap shut our opening minds as soon as we begin to open them. Don’t let that happen! It’s as if we fear that opening our minds will let something of value fall out. Examine contrarian evidence, and often what falls out is an incorrect belief. That fluoridation is worthwhile is incorrect.

Jerry Gray, DDS

I have opposed fluoridation for tens of years and refused to promote it and use it. I have read studies that show it suppresses hormones etc. I retired 15 years ago. Dentists will not listen to the truth about fluoride. We were brain washed in dental school by the powers that be. Lots of money is made on this poison.

Jesse Myers (Dental student / DMD candidate)

I oppose water fluoridation because of my review of the available literature. As future dentist I do not think that this is the best course of action to prevent the caries disease process. The literature shows that topical fluoride use is effective and on an individual basis can be utilized in a manner that is applied by adequately trained professionals. We then need to advocate for changing our attention on the nature food in America and what we are eating.

Rose Dorvel, JD

Water fluoridation was founded on the faulty premise that fluoride ingested systemically during tooth development (ages 0-8 years old) would strengthen teeth and make them resistant to decay and would cause dental fluorosis in about 10% of youth. The scientific consensus is now that the cariostatic effect of fluoride is topical and that swallowing fluoride during dental development years causes mottled enamel in about 58% of adolescents, according to the most recent NHANES survey.

The phosphate fertilizer industry produces tremendous fluoride pollution, in the form of hydrofluorosilicic acid(“hfsa”), classified as a hazardous corrosive waste under RCRA. Phosphate processing produces toxic gases hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride, which are captured in wet scrubbers to prevent acute decimation to the surrounding environment. Before pollution control wet scrubbers were installed to capture toxic fluoride gases in water, immense litigation ensued over devastating damage from fluoride pollution to surrounding vegetation, livestock, and human health. The hazardous hfsa waste is then stored on the phosphate company’s site or dumped directly into municipal water supplies for the stated purpose of reducing dental decay.

The initial safety trial for sodium fluoride was declared a success years before the safety trial was to end, rendering the public in effect subjects of an informal human subjects research experiment without their consent. The artificial fluoridation additives used in the USA are over 90% silicofluorides(hfsa or its sodium salt), for which no safety studies have ever been conducted given the assumption the fluoride ion fully dissociates as with sodium fluoride. However, the pH of the stomach is 1.5-3.5 and studies have called into question that the fluoride ion fully dissociates, posing different toxicological effects than with sodium fluoride. Use of silicofluorides with chloramine in municipal water has been linked to increased uptake of lead from lead-brass pipes. At the inception of artificial water fluoridation, sodium fluoride was used, which was known to the public as a popular rodenticide and pesticide. In recognition of sodium fluoride’s poisonous nature, the FDA requires a warning label on fluoridated toothpastes not to swallow the fluoride and to call the poison control hotline for help if fluoride is swallowed.

Compulsory artificial water fluoridation infringes our constitutional right to bodily integrity and is not the narrowest, least restrictive means to achieve the goal of reduced dental decay. When the deliberate contamination of our water supplies with fluoride began, fluoridated toothpaste was not available. Now, over 95% of toothpaste sold contains fluoride. Moreover, about 99% of fluoridated water does not go into human mouths, but rather to industrial, agricultural, or domestic use. Fluoride dental products could be provided to those who desire it in a more appropriate and narrowly directed way. Fluoride is indiscriminately imposed on the public regardless of individual issues taken into consideration, which can be critical for those with, for example, kidney disease who cannot clear fluoride from their bodies as effectively and therefore reach higher bodily concentrations of fluoride before others. Once ingested, 50% of fluoride lodged into the hard tissues of the body and continues to bioaccumulate over a lifetime, which means elderly are at higher risk for skeletal fluorosis as they continuously bioaccumulate fluoride from chronic ingestion over a lifetime. Recently, many studies have strengthened the evidence that fluoride lowers IQ and is correlated with ADHD and cognitive deficits. Indeed, fluoride is identified as a known developmental neurotoxin by the Lancet.

Jeffrey Kinnear, LAc

I have found no compelling evidence that it helps with anything in the human body.

MaryKelly Sutton, MD

New strong science supports what is already known: fluoride lowers IQ.  Further, it increases the absorption of lead, which is known to contribute to hyperactivity among other health issues. We cannot afford the continued dumbing-down of American and the world’s children. The USA needs to start at home with the abolishment of public water fluoridation, and set an example for other countries. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Adriaan van Heiningen, PhD

I want clean unaltered drinking water, as close to natural spring water.

Mark Haimann, DVM

Unnecessary additive, especially since most toothpaste and oral care products contain it.  Too much fluoride has well documented health consequences and is especially dangerous to fetuses and young children

Welman Shrader, MD

It is unnecessary and has harmful side effects.

Susan Kanen

As a nationally recognized whistleblower to lead in drinking water and a drinking water treatment chemist, I observed the addition of HFSA increased lead leaching into drinking water from lead service lines. Also a survivor of lifetime fluoride consumption including on the job with fluoride fumes at the water treatment plant with much harm from fluoride toxicity improving with fluoride avoidance. I have dental fluorosis with veneers, hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroid with calcified nodules, total hip replacement with ashed bone at 1500 ppm F, kidney stones, acute pancreatitis, osteoarthritis, GERD, enlarged heart, phleboliths, multiple misplaced calcifications including at the interosseous membrane of the forearm. Neurologic symptoms etc. Most all symptoms lessened with F avoidance.

Kenji Akiniwa, BDS, Japan

Because it neglects the principles of public health, pharmacology and toxicology as well.

Paul-André Larose, PhD

Unless our Society smartens up, the perils associated with fluoridation will accrue until the human cost becomes unacceptably high, i.e. when facts can no longer be ignored, denied or refuted. I see the situation as analogous to the once common practice of using Asbestos to fire-protect steel structures, which was eventually outlawed when the HIGH associated human costs became evident.

Shaun Craig, DC

Because I was never given the opportunity to consent to this treatment.

David Vincent, PhD

Mass medication should only be used where it is absolutely certain that it is safe.  There seems to be significant doubt with fluoridation.

Mohita Patel, RN

Because we have been misled for far too long. It has never been the solution for better dental health that has always come from good nutrition and a healthy biome!

Anne Mingiardi, MD

The effects on an individual is unpredictable.  For example, evidence is showing that the oral consumption of fluoride has harmful effects on thyroid gland.

Miriam MacGillis, MA

It is an outrageous and uncalled for assault on life in all forms.

Steph Phillips, ND

Severe allergy to it. It Almost killed my daughter as a baby.

Marc Gray, DC

…the ADA can’t admit guilt or the floodgates of lawsuits would be devastating not to mention the mercury in amalgam fillings!

Agneta Czechowicz, RDH

As a Dental Hygienist, I think that it should only be allowed topically.

Amelia Hazard, DMD

No health benefit in water – only a health detriment!

Michael Brathwaite, MA

The impact on the thyroid is probably the reason for lowered IQ and ADHD. Lowered thyroid function is also well known to cause weight gain, lethargy and depression. Our children should not be subjected to a toxin, unbeknown to them, via their drinking water. Also, if I bathe in it, my skin breaks out in painful, weeping eczema, which feels like a bad case of sunburn.

Denise Renee Wilson, ND

We need to protect the brains of the next generation – they are our future!  Also, the primary form used for water fluoridation (Hydrofluorosilicic acid) is a waste product of the fertilizer industry, a convenient way to get rid of it and get paid in the process. (WATCH Fluoride Fundamentals #4: Sources of Fluoride)

Geoff Pain, PhD

Fluoride is a bio-accumulative, genotoxic carcinogen and endocrine disruptor with no useful role in any mammal. It is the major cause of Cataract Blindness and numerous, often fatal, calcification diseases of the soft tissues. Fluoride is absorbed through the oral tissues with no need to swallow.

Thank you,

Paul Connett, PhD
Fluoride Action Network

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