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Two more video testimonies from “people that don’t exist”

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 14, 2020

Community water fluoridation has been around for more than 70 years with little concern from the few governments who promote this practice for its ethics or the science of fluoride’s adverse effects. For example, not one health agency in any of the countries that practice fluoridation has called for, or financed, any scientific study to investigate the possibility that some citizens are particularly sensitive to fluoride’s toxic effects.

The explanation for this is very simple and disturbing: for those who promote fluoridation it is more important to protect the policy than to protect the health of the people they are supposed to serve.  The promoters’ solution for decades has been to pretend that the hypersensitive simply do not exist.  Only those with a lot of power and little oversight can get away with such an approach.  They have been doing this for so long, they don’t know how to extricate themselves without shaking the public’s trust in this and other public health policies.  However, they must, and FAN is doing everything we can to confront them with the truth every day.

People like Dr. Amanda Sleeper and Julie Simms, who have shared their experiences in the two short videos below, continue to suffer when they come in contact with fluoridated water.  And they’re not alone.  Thousands of others will suffer needlessly until we rid the world of this irresponsible and reckless practice.

Amanda Sleeper is a neuroscientist, with a PhD from Yale, who is also highly sensitive to fluoride.  In this 5-minute video she explains what fluoride did to her before she took steps to avoid it:

Julie Simms tells an engaging story of how she alleviated her migraine headaches by limiting her exposure to fluoride and fluoridated water:

We applaud Amanda and Julie for having the courage and integrity to speak out on their experience in this matter.

The unprofessional and irresponsible way that promoters have ignored the plight of the supersensitive has a long history. Today the same attitude prevails with the way fluoridation promoters are dealing with the NIH-funded IQ studies. It is very interesting that Amanda’s background in neuroscience allows her to witness the injustice in her own life on the one hand and in the world of science on the other.

With your help FAN will continue to bring both stories before the public in 2021.

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