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“The Hanukkah Miracle” (FAN exclusive)

Fluoride Action Network | December 17, 2015

Before we get to some exciting information from Israel here is an update on our fundraiser.

Yesterday, we received 11 donations totaling $505. This figure was doubled using Dr. Mercola’s matching grant to give us a grand total of $39,978 from 218 supporters.

We are very, very close to the $40,000 mark, which will trigger a very generous pledge of $3,000.  In addition–thanks to Dr. Mercola’s doubling challenge–the next $1,529 donated will be doubled. All in all we should see a very healthy total by the end of the day.

Our sincere thanks to all of you who have donated in support of our efforts to end the practice of fluoridation.

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Here is some background information about what our anti-fluoridation friends in Israel are calling

The “Hanukkah Miracle”

After the election in 2015, a new Israeli government was elected into office and Minister of Health Yael German (who ended fluoridation in Israel in 2014) was replaced by Mr. Yaakov Litzmann, an ultra-orthodox Rabbi who held the job of Minister of Health prior to Yael German and who has been strongly pro-fluoridation.  One of the first acts Litzmann did upon returning to the Ministry of Health was to overthrow the ban on fluoridation without providing any scientific basis for doing so.

Meanwhile, Engineer Ehud Leshem (formerly the Health Ministry’s district engineer, responsible for overseeing fluoridation plants) was invited to give a talk before a group of experts convened by the Israel Water Association (IsWA). The IsWA was established in 2000 and one of its primary objectives is “[T]o present to decision makers informed professional opinions on water and sanitation.”

In his presentation engineer Leshem articulated the arguments against fluoridation. Even though there were pro-fluoridation experts present Leshem prevailed resulting in the ‘Hanukkah miracle.’

On Dec 6, 2015 the IsWA presented to the Minister of Health, the Minister of Infrastructure, the chairman of the Water Authority and the director of Israel’s water corporations an unequivocal 6-page statement about its opposition to the fluoridation of drinking water in Israel.

In American terms this is the Israeli equivalent of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) telling the CDC to stop fluoridation! Such a breaking of ranks, should it occur in the USA, would certainly signal the end of this practice.

For Israeli citizens opposed to water fluoridation it gives them renewed hope that science and common sense will prevail and they will not be forced to drink fluoridated water again. We only have a copy of the IsWA’s statement in Hebrew. It has yet to be publicly distributed in Israel.

Our heartiest congratulations to Engineer Elud Leshem for this major breakthrough and gratitude for allowing FAN to be the first to announce this important development to the world. (The full text of Elud Leshem’s letter to FAN is printed below)


Paul Connett, PhD
Senior Advisor and Co-ordinator of the 2015 Fundraiser
Fluoride Action Network

Ehud Leshem, MSc Strategic Consultant

Water, sewage, wastewater, planning & construction, arbitration and mediation

  1. At the High Court on 12 Nov 2012, file (8173/12) was submitted against the State of Israel and the Minister of Health, to demand a halt to fluoridation of drinking water in Israel.

The petition was filed by Mr. Jacob Gurman, chairman of the Association of “Balance Returns” for the distribution of Health Education.

Engineer Ehud Leshem provided expert opinion in this case.

The High Court verdict dated 29 July 2013 stated that:

“… Petitioners have pointed out the dangers inherent in this policy and argued that the concept upon which the original regulations were founded, is obsolete and no longer accepted.”

“We have noted the State’s commitment that within a year the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water will be discontinued.

  1. In 2014 after the cancellation of fluoridation by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry published the following statement on its website:

“With the abolition of compulsory fluoridation, Israel will join the absolute majority of countries where there is no mandatory fluoridation.

Moreover, according to the World Health Organization data, there is also a decrease in caries in countries that do not fluoridate their drinking water. At an international level, mandatory fluoridation only exists in Ireland.

There are countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic which prohibit to fluoridate the drinking water … “.

  1. In 2015 (after elections in Israel), the Israeli government was replaced and Mr. Yaakov Litzmann strongly pro-fluoridation, replaced Minister of Health Yael German (responsible for ending fluoridation).?Litzmann decided to overthrow the ban on fluoridation without providing any scientific basis for doing this. Consequently, Engineer Ehud Leshem (formerly the Health Ministry’s district engineer) filed a complaint with the police (12 Aug 2015) in accordance with Article 262 and 221 of the Penal Code, 1977:

“whoever spoils or contaminates a water tank or reservoir or any other place, and makes them less suitable for the purpose they are normally used for shall be liable – to imprisonment for three years “.

‘Section 20 (1-21) of the Water Act 1959’.?’Hazardous Substances Act, 1993′, ‘Israel Standard 5438′.?’Part 4: Water Treatment Chemicals intended for drinking’.?’Public Health Regulations (sanitary quality of drinking water and drinking water installations), 2013′. ‘Renewal of approval for use of Fluorosilicic Acid in drinking water, 6 July 2003’.

Israeli Water Association (IAW~ISRAEL ASSOCIATION of WATER ) Israeli Water Association was established in 2000. Among its primary objectives was:

To present to decision makers informed professional opinions on water and sanitation.

6 Dec 2015, IAW President Avraham Israeli presented to the Minister of Health, Minister of Infrastructure, the chairman of the Water Authority and the director of Israel’s water corporations? an unequivocal statement about the IAW’s opposition to the fluoridation of drinking water in Israel.

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