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Michael’s Update on the TSCA Lawsuit

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 31, 2018

Before we get to Michael’s video, here is an update on the fundraiser.

Yesterday, 60 supporters helped us add over $4,000 to our total. Currently, our total stands at $149,533 from 632 donors. This leaves us with the staggering task of raising just over $100,000 in less than 24 hours.

The first $1000 donated today will be doubled and when we pass 700 donors we will receive another $1000.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have given us – those who have donated large and small; those who have given more than once; those who have made recurring donations; those who rounded up friends and family members to donate; those who have added extremely kind words in support of our efforts; those extremely generous benefactors who offered challenge pledges; those who offered inspiring personal testimonies and last but not least all the members of the FAN and FUN raising team: Stu, Jay, Ellen, Paul, Robin and Dawna.

We will be recording donations up to midnight Pacific Time tonight (3 am EDT). If you wish to mail in a check please do so – make sure you date it Dec 31 (for tax reduction purposes) – and please email us that your donation is in the mail, so that we can keep people up to date with totals.

A Happy New Year to you and your families. May 2019 bring us the victory we all yearn for.

Paul Connett,
Fluoride Action Network

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:

  • Online at our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:

    Fluoride Action Network
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