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Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 9, 2017

The bedrock of the Fluoride Action Network has been and will always be firmly rooted in science. Built around a nucleus of highly regarded scientists and health professionals, the FAN team is in the know on the latest fluoride science and is committed to the highest principles of scientific integrity. Through this commitment, FAN has earned the trust of its grassroots support base.

But not all of us are scientists. And not all of you are scientists. Translating complicated scientific language and concepts into something that we can all understand can often be a challenge. That’s why FAN has devoted significant time and resources into developing multi-media in the form of graphic-heavy brochures, social media memes, full-length videos, and short video vignettes in an effort to present information on fluoride in a more palatable fashion.

It’s important that FAN be able to connect with our incredibly diverse and increasingly youthful support base. To this end, FAN has been and will continue to focus on creating video-heavy, sharable content broadcasted in a way that reaches the greatest audience with the greatest engagement. Social media platforms play a large role in this, but simply making content sharable and understandable is an important job for FAN. Check out FAN’s YouTube channel here.

FAN has several exciting videos in the pipeline that are set to be released in coming weeks, including an important video on fluoride and environmental justice.  We also have a videotape in the works in which Paul describes the disdainful way that he, Ellen and Bill Hirzy, were treated during the public comment section at a two-day meeting of the EPA’s National Drinking Water Advisory Council. “The way they were treated was a shocking example of how not to treat the public who have done their homework, and have something important to say.”

Together we can help further awareness by talking to friends and loved ones and sharing FAN videos and stories on our social media platforms.

Fundraising Update  

Our current totals for the 2017 FAN Fundraiser are $28,170 from 114 donors.

You can watch these numbers grow over the next few days via our webpage (www.FluorideACTION.net)–see the first revolving masthead—as we continue to get closer to our ambitious mini-goal of $120,000 by midnight Christmas Eve, and$200,000 from 1000 donors by midnight Dec 31.

This a tough challenge but we are determined to have a lot of fun doing it.  See all of the exciting fundraising gifts we have available (with photos) here.

How to Donate:

You can make a donation at our secure online server, or by check, payable to Fluoride Action Network, and mail to:

c/o Connett
104 Walnut Street
Binghamton, New York 13905

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice is the response to environmental racism. Environmental racism refers to the institutional rules, regulations, policies or government and/or corporate decisions that result in communities of color being disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards such as toxic chemicals. Largely a result of unintended consequences, environmental racism negatively affects the health and environment of low income and/or communities of color at a disparate rate than affluent communities.

FAN is convinced that fluoridation is an Environmental Justice issue.  For more information see:

FAN is deeply committed to the principles of Environmental Justice, and has plans to step up our efforts in 2018 to draw the attention of communities of color as well as low-income communities to the fact they are disproportionately harmed by fluoride.

Live Auction 

Later this month, as part of our year-end FUN-raising campaign, FAN will be holding a Live Auction broadcast over social media (Facebook and Twitter) in which supporters can bid (and out-bid!) each other on various items. We’ve yet to set a date and time for the auction, but it will be towards the end of the month. There are sure to be some exciting items here so stay tuned to FAN for updates on the FAN Live Auction!

IFFT Annual Teleconference:

Please join members of the Fluoride Action Network team tomorrowSaturday, December 9, at 5pm (eastern time) for a year-in-review of the fluoride issue, a fluoride Q&A session for supporters, and an opportunity to interact with the amazing people that make up this movement.


Thank You,

Jay Sanders
Education and Outreach Director
Fluoride Action Network

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