Family practitioner, Robert Dickson, MD is right, adding fluoridation chemicals to the public’s drinking water is not a solution, but a problem.  Not only are there known adverse health effects, but the practice also steals tax dollars from voluntary and effective public health policies like Scotland’s Childsmile program that focus on nutrition and dental hygiene education, as well as brushing after lunch and snacks at school.  The vast majority of the world has successfully rejected fluoridation in place of alternatives, now it’s our turn.

Dr. Dickson is currently working to fend off another attempt by the dental-lobby to force fluoridation on the residents of Calgary, Alberta (pop. 1.3 Million) this summer.  Councilors have approved a presentation by the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, which published, promoted, and mischaracterized a seriously flawed study in 2016 in support of fluoridation.  Councilors are expected to hold hearings in July and either vote on the issue or bring it to voters in a plebiscite.

Citizens have organized in opposition to the dental-lobby’s efforts.  I urge nearby residents to join Safe Water Calgary, follow them on Facebook, and like them on Twitter.

FAN’s Director, Paul Connett, PhD will be joining Dr. Dickson this Saturday, June 1st for a 10AM presentation at the Central Library in Calgary.  It’s free and open to the public!  Please share with anyone you know in the Calgary area.

If we win this lawsuit, communities like Calgary will regret that they ever poured tax-dollars into such an outdated and problematic practice; one that put our most vulnerable at risk, including children before and after birth.

Please join Dr. Dickson now in supporting our fluoridation lawsuit against the EPA. Thanks to a dedicated philanthropist donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000!

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Fundraising Update

After the first week of fundraising, we have raised $32,344 from 175 donors.  With the current pledge to double donations included, this brings our total to $64,688 on our way to raising $200,000 by mid-July.  Thank you to all who have given in support of this historic legal action.

You can follow FAN’s progress on our fundraiser webpage, and our Whiteboard campaign HERE as well as on social media by searching for the hashtag: #FluorideLawsuit.

Please join Dr. Dickson by creating your own Whiteboard photo and emailing it to:

Fluoride Awareness Week Update

Dr. Mercola’s 9th Annual Fluoride Awareness Week (May 19-26) continued with the publication of two more feature articles, as well as a new video interview with FAN’s Director, Paul Connett, PhD.  Please read, watch, and share on social media:

Earlier in the week Dr. Mercola launched Fluoride Awareness Week with a new article highlighting the lastest scientific, legal, and campaign updates.

The FAN team would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Joseph Mercola and his staff for their continued support and dedication to our nonprofit and the worldwide movement to end artificial fluoridation.

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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