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Dr. Mercola Interviews Paul Connett on Fluoride

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | July 3, 2021

We believe that this 45-minute interview is a very good update as to where things are at with respect to:

1) Fluoride and IQ

2)  Comparing fluoride and lead histories,

3) Fluoride and hip fracture,

4) The TSCA trial, and

5) FAN’s efforts encouraging officials at the CDC (above the Oral Health Division) to read the science on fluoride’s toxic effects on the brain, bones and endocrine system.

We appreciate Dr. Mercola using his large platform to inform hundreds-of-thousands of citizens around the world about the dangers of water fluoridation.  This interview was part of his annual Fluoride Awareness Week, and was also preceded by an article written by FAN’s Campaign Director.

Really Good News On Our Fundraiser.

As of 7 am this morning we were tantalizingly close to reaching both our goals. We need just FOUR more donations (of any size) to reach 500 and another $3,830 to reach $40,000. Each of these mini-goals trigger two separate pledges of $5,000, if we can reach them before midnight (PT) tonight.  When we do, we will have reached, and probably surpassed, our overall goals of $50,000 from 500 donors.

*If you plan on sending us a check via surface mail please email us at pconnett@gmail.com so that it can be included in our total tabulated before midnight tonight.

This has been a magnificent and heartwarming effort by our wonderful supporters from around the fluoridating world. 

In the USA , tomorrow we plan to celebrate these victories with fireworks displays all over the country! Meanwhile, this is what little Teddy Connett thinks about it:


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