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Conference: Only Two Days Left to Save Big

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | August 21, 2017

The 6th Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride is less than a month away. We urge everyone fighting fluoridation to take advantage of this rare opportunity for concerned citizens, public health experts, and campaigners to learn, network, and take action.  The conference will take place at:

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia
on September 16–18, 2017

The hotel is very close to the Washington DCA airport where there is a free hotel shuttle bus and just a few quick metro (subway) stops from Union Station in Washington, D.C.– see more in the Overview below.

For those that have already signed up, see below for the news on the Auction we will hold on Saturday night.

For those who haven’t yet registered for the conference: Please know that most of us are fighting fluoridation in our own communities and collectively we have learned how tough that battle is. When one is accused by their local Public Health department (or local newspaper or local dental association) of being unscientific (or worse) because they object to the fluoridation of their drinking water, it is too easy for people to become intimidated. However, for those of us who have studied the scientific literature on this issue for over 20 years it is clear that the science is on our side. This conference it will make that very clear.

If you are currently involved in a campaign to end fluoridation, or are planning on initiating a campaign in the near future, this conference is for YOU!  We are strongly urging organized fluoride-free groups to pool your resources and send at least one member to the conference next month.  The information and network of support you or a member of your team brings back to the group after the conference will improve your entire campaign’s chances of success.

You will be exposed to honest science presented clearly in a language that ordinary citizens can understand and use. You will hear from individuals on how they stopped fluoridation in their communities, and more. See the Agenda below.

BOOKING YOUR HOTEL ROOM: August 23 is the LAST DAY that discounted room rates will be available. Please take advantage of them. See the link below to make reservations.

REGISTRATION FEE. You can pay online using our secure server, or by check. See link below.

REGISTRATION FORM. Please submit as soon as possible. See link below.

AUCTION ON SATURDAY NIGHT. A night of fun in getting together will include an Auction to raise money for the Fluoride Action Network to cover some of the Conference costs. Please bring WHATEVER you think will be fun or profitable to auction: such as a Picasso, or failing that, Books, Pretty things, Antique things, Fluoride memorabilia, etc. If the item(s) you want to take are too large (such as art masterpieces) to carry on the plane, email Ellen and she will tell you where you can mail them to.

FLUORIDE SONGS: We will be singing at least two fluoridation songs on Saturday night. Here’s a short video on one of them titled Mr Fluoride (get the F out of our water) that will help you to learn the words. The second song is GET IT OUT! (the words are below the video).

PROMO VIDEO: Watch FAN’s new video, You’re Invited to the 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride, and please either share it on your own social media sites and with fellow campaigners, or simply share our Facebook or Twitter posts with the video.


We hope to meet you there.

On behalf of the FAN team,
Ellen, Paul, Stuart, Jay, and Dawna

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