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FAN’s New Director Joins Dr. Connett at Fluoridation Debate

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | September 13, 2016

The “High Noon Debate”

Last week, the fluoridation debate we’ve all been waiting for finally occurred.  FAN Senior Advisor, Paul Connett, PhD, and new FAN Director, Bill Osmunson, DDS, faced-offed against pro-fluoridation dentists, Steven Slott and Johnny Johnson, representing the American Fluoridation Society.  The debate took place in Cortland, NY at the request of the Mayor, while the council is considering state grants to study the implementation of fluoridation.

Those of you who read and comment on any fluoridation articles online will already be familiar with Johnny Johnson and Steven Slott.  They’re both notorious for posting thousands of pro-fluoridation comments on anything fluoride-related on the internet.  Meanwhile, in person they were less than impressive, unable to cite even a single primary study proving fluoridation’s safety or effectiveness.  Click the picture below to watch:

**Download Paul Connett’s Powerpoint Presentation so you can follow along**

FAN’s New Director

We are happy to announce that Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, has kindly agreed to act as interim director of FAN on a pro bono basis to replace Michael Connett, who has decided to return to practicing law.  Michael will continue to provide crucial work for FAN on a voluntary basis.

Dr. Osmunson–a general and cosmetic dentist–has been a long-time opponent of fluoridation, FAN advisor, campaign leader, and spokesperson for the movement.  He has provided testimony before dozens–if not hundreds–of boards, councils, and legislative bodies.  He has also been featured in a number of videos, several of which you can watch below and share:

We are thrilled to have Bill leading FAN at this time, and greatly appreciate his impressive commitment to our movement.

Campaign Updates

  • Dr. Connett Speaking at Health Conference — Paul will be giving a 90-minute presentation at the “Real Truth About Health Conference” currently being held in Orlando, Florida.  The talk will be given at 11 am EDT onWednesday, Sept 14, 2016. The title of the talk is “Getting Ten Toxics out of Our Lives.” You will not be surprised with one of the toxins that Paul wishes to see the end of, but you might be with some of the others. Paul takes advantage of this very broad topic to plunder some of the science he has examined in connection with his 31 year battle with waste incineration and the promotion of Zero Waste around the world. To view the free livestream of the conference and watch the talks, simply click here and enter the following password: RTAH2016
  • Mr. Fluoride Music Video — Check out the great music video for Leslie Thresher’s fluoridation campaign song, which she originally sang before government officials in NY who were planning to fund fluoridation using funds from medicaid.
  • Dr. Mercola Speaking Event — Long-time supporter and ally of the Fluoride Action Network, Dr. Joseph Mercola, will be presenting as part of a panel of experts on nutrition and wellness at the Organic & Natural Health Association’s “Power of Nutrients” event in Los Angeles, California this Saturday, October 1st.  Dr. Mercola also posted a great new article about fluoridation’s link to diabetes and lower IQ, as well as Dr. Connetts recent debate in New Zealand.

Vote for Me!  Fluoride Free Activists Run for Office

The audio is now available for those who missed the September International Fluoride Free Teleconference held this past Saturday.  The call featured fluoride-free campaigners from the U.S. and New Zealand who are currently working to influence fluoridation policy by running for office.  Listen as they share how they got their names on the ballots and how they plan to win their elections.   This call is perfect for any campaigners considering a run for office:

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Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network