Fluoride Action Network

100 People Turn Up For Meeting Discussing Fluoride In Mosgiel

Source: Channel 9 Online (Dunedin Television) | October 16th, 2008
Location: New Zealand

Organisers say last night’s public meeting discussing fluoride in Mosgiel was a success.

More than 100 people turned up to hear what those for and against the use of fluoride in city water had to say.

There were heated exchanges between both sides with one of the proponents of water fluoridation refusing to be filmed.

After the camera was turned off, Dr John Holmes presented to pro-fluoridation case.

Both sides were given time for a presentation and a speech before they answered questions from the floor.

Meeting organizers Denis Ennright and Helen Balch were happy with last night’s turn out, and say they’ll look for a bigger venue next time.

The Fluoride Action Network plans to host a second meeting in Mosgiel on October 28th.