Stand by for the sound of the Sweet Freedom Army marching for democracy in Timaru.

The newly formed `Sweet FA’ was being led by self taught health guru and health food shop/cafe owner Rachel Tomkinson.

She invited the public to learn more about Sweet FA at Farm Gate Farm-A-See and Cafe on Thursday evening. About 10 “well educated” people turned up and joined up.

“It is the sign of the times that we are getting unity back in the community. . .we are sick and tired of the lack of transparency.”

The catalyst for the enlistment was the potential that fluoride may be put back in the Timaru water supplies. The Government announced last month that it wanted District Health Boards to make the fluoride decisions for their local water supply. South Canterbury District Health Board’s position was that fluoride was safe and helped prevent tooth decay. The lack of freedom of choice was what has upset the army.

“The main problem about fluoride was democracy. . .what next?” Tomkinson said.

She had contacted a number of people in authority about her concerns; and solution to eat more seafood and drink certain teas to increase fluoride intake naturally but felt they were not interested.

“We (the army) are going to be the squeaky wheel that does not surrender.”

Tomkinson believed the fluoride would be the by-product sourced from an aluminium smelter in Bluff, but could not confirm that.

“No one is answering the questions. We are not getting the whole truth.”

Fluoride was not the only contentious issue the army was focused on.

High sugar content in numerous food products was an area the army would also like to tackle.

“There is so much crap in food and it is all corporate run. Profit before people.”

The army was about education to find a better way, not activism, she said.