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Missouri: Proposed Senate Bill on fluoridation

Source: Daily Jounral Online | January 30th, 2019 | By State Senator Wayne Wallingford
Location: United States, Missouri

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… As promised, I want to share with you the rest of the legislation I have filed for the 2019 legislative session…

Senate Bill 278 – This act requires any public water system or public water supply district that intends to modify the fluoridation of its water supply to seek and receive information about the impact of public water fluoridation from the local health department.

*Original article, titled Committee hearings begin for the 2019 legislative session online, at https://dailyjournalonline.com/community/democrat-news/committee-hearings-begin-for-the-legislative-session/article_992e7d1b-a4a6-5fbe-b0c9-ec1d2bcd6520.html