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6 Wild U.S. Government Conspiracy Theories Explained

Source: Military.com | June 24th, 2021 | By Blake Stilwell


1. The U.S. Helped Hitler Escape Germany.

2. Fluoride in Water is a Communist Plot.

The debate over forced COVID-19 vaccinations should be a good reminder that Americans do not trust the government when it comes to taking medication. Anyone who’s tried to explain the benefits of a flu shot to their elderly parents have been having this debate for years. Whether or not water fluoridation is a good or bad thing, the idea of adding fluoride to water supplies started kicking around in the years after — you guessed it — World War II.

In the 1964 film “Dr. Strangelove,” Gen. Jack D. Ripper suggests that adding fluoride to the water was destroying “our precious bodily fluids” and leaving the U.S. weak and ready for a communist takeover. Ripper was just parroting one of many widely held beliefs about fluoride at the time. Another theory is that fluoride makes Americans apathetic, which if you’ve ever seen anything political in the past 20 years, makes little sense.

3. The CIA Assassinated John F. Kennedy.

4. The Moon Landing Was Faked.

5. ‘Chemtrails’ Are Used to Control the Population.

6. Birds Aren’t Real.

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