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A small personal victory in Texas

Source: International Fluoride Information Network | September 19th, 2002
Location: United States, Texas

Dear All,

We just received this delightful message from Tom Daniels, a student at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I’ll let the message speak for itself, although I will add that for those seeking to do what Tom has done, a great place to start would be http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html

Paul Connett.

PS Tom tells me that typically there are about 200 students enrolled in the class he is talking about.


From: “B.T. Daniels”
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 17:20:28 -0500
To: mconnett@www.fluoridealert.org, ggvideo@northnet.org
Subject: Dangers of Fluride to now be taught at TCU

Just wanted to pass on a small personal victory of mine on the issue of Fluoridation.

During the summer I took a course called Contemporary Issues in Biology in which we were required to write a short report on an issue that was important to us. While informing the instructor, Dr Drenner, of my topic I asked his opinion. He stated that there is no way that fluoride was dangerous or they would never put it in our drinking water. At that statement I issued a challenge to him. “If I can prove to you through the use of peer reviewed scientific journals that fluoride is dangerous, will you include it in your course syllabus for this course in the future?” He accepted my challenge.

I then looked for any and all information I could find on the subject of fluoridation and then proceeded to look up the original studies that were posted in the Scientific Journals that we had available to us on campus. (many of them were not available because we do not have a medical school on campus) At the end of the semester he called me into his office to discuss what other information I could provide to him on the subject. He stated that I had convinced him and he was also taking the information to the entire biology department to discuss with them how and what was to be included in future classes. I provided him with what information I had copied from the journals and also with the location of your website. I will be following up to make sure that he keeps his end of the deal and will be requesting to sit in on the first day that he presents the information to his class.

I think it is important to stress to everyone who wants to fight this battle against sanctioned government poisoning of its citizens that YES! one person can make a difference and that we need everyone to pass the word about the dangers of this highly toxic substance to everyone they meet. I will admit that most everyone I talk to thinks I am crazy at first for thinking that our government would do such a thing but in almost every case I am able to eventually change their mind on the matter. We need everyone to start writing their local, state and US representatives and urge their friends to do the same. I would also suggest an easily identifiable link on your website to our US representatives to make it easier for people to contact their representatives and maybe some suggestions on how to go about preparing a letter to them on the subject.

Thank you for your time and keep fighting the good fight if not for us, for our children.

Tom Daniels