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Alberta Health re-affirms ‘no funding’ stance on fluoride

Source: MetroNews.ca | September 14th, 2016
Location: Canada, Alberta

The Alberta government has re-iterated it won’t fund municipal fluoridation, after city council voted Tuesday night rejecting a motion that calls for an unbiased review of using the chemical in city water.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said the government is confident that having fluoride in tap water is safe.

She said Alberta Health has done a great deal of research on water fluoridation.

“We continue to monitor trends with what’s happening here in Alberta, as well as other jurisdictions,” Hoffman said. “We respect the fact that (Calgary city) council has a tough decision to make.”

Coun. Richard Pootmans has called on the government to contribute to the cost of water fluoridation, given Alberta Health supports the practice.

However, Hoffman said it’s under the responsibility of municipalities to determine whether or not they will put fluoride in tap water.

On Tuesday, the motion in council lost 9 to 5.

The unbiased review, offered by the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, would’ve come at no cost to the city.

During the meeting, several councillors suggested more scientific data wouldn’t change their minds, since they also have moral and ethical issues with imposing the substance in city drinking water.

 – With files from Brodie Thomas