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Anglian Water buys new tanker to transport Fluorosilicic Acid

Source: Press release from Wentworth Communications Limited | April 19th, 2010
Location: United Kingdom, England


Whale Tankers of Solihull has supplied an ADR approved 2600 litre rigid tanker unit for long-standing utility customer, Anglian Water – geographically the largest waste and wastewater company in England & Wales covering an area of some 27,500 sq kilometres.

Mounted on a Mercedes Atego 816 4 x 2 7.5 tonne chassis, the new tanker has been designed and built to carry Fluorosilicic acid. Introduced into Anglian Water’s fleet as a replacement unit, the fluoride tanker is being used to transfer Fluorosilicic acid from bulk to local tanks for the dosing of fluoride to water in specific areas of the Anglian region.

The ADR tanker – constructed from carbon steel – has been supplied with TC1 and TC2 accredited approval certification. Complete with an automated closed loading and discharge system – enabling pre-determined levels of fluoride to be delivered to dose water – the latest Whale tanker to join Anglian Water has been supplied with the company’s industry acclaimed WhaleCARE field-based preventative maintenance programme.

Indeed the entire Anglian Water fleet of some 54 Whale vehicles is now supported by WhaleCARE – a fixed price scheme designed to reduce vehicle downtime by maximising the safety and operating performance of such specialised capital equipment. Today, Anglian Water operates a fleet of Whales that takes in eight Kaiser-Whale dirty water recyclers, a range of 26 and 32 tonne rigids, 44 tonne articulated tankers and JetVac units.

Commenting on the decision to specify their latest Whale tanker, Anglian Water’s Fleet Manager, Nigel Allen said: ‘We continue to receive excellent service from Whale. They supply the ultimate product in terms of build quality and reliability, whilst providing outstanding levels of support in the field via the WhaleCare programme.”


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