“Today we will learn about another confounding factor adding dimension to the fluoride debate, — the carcinogenic contaminant in the fluoride added to our public water supply here in the U.S.

My guest Joining me today is John F. Mueller Jr, BSc Geop Engr, P.E, a retired Civil and Control Systems engineer who had a 25-year career in public works engineering and held state certification for the Level “A” water and wastewater treatment plant operator license. We’ll Cover:

*How John discovered arsenic was a known contaminant in the fluoride chemical added to the public water supply

*Why water processing plants are adding a carcinogenic contaminated chemical to our public water supply

*How much arsenic in knowingly added to our water supply

*The current regulations

*The EPA’s stance on water fluoridation

John’s battle to end water fluoridation and where we are today.

*Original full-text article online at: https://youtu.be/_DB1A2YHD38