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Ashland passes bill prohibiting fluoridation

Source: The Associated Press | November 24th, 2006
Location: United States, Oregon

ASHLAND – The Ashland City Council wants to underline its message to the Oregon Legislature: Don’t tell us what to put in our drinking water.

So it passed an ordinance this week making it illegal to put fluoride, or anything else that would act as medication, in the city’s water supply.

Although the American Dental Association and the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorse fluoridation, council members said they considered a divided community and issues of control.

“I think the bigger discussion here is who’s involved with what we put in our bodies,” council member Cate Hartzell said.

The council voted in February 2005 to oppose a bill before the Legislature that would have required fluoridation of municipal water in Oregon.

They said the ordinance passed Tuesday was designed to send a stronger message to the Legislature, which meets again in January.

Michael Framson of Medford, who said he is a member of Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, praised the ordinance and said fluoride could have serious long-term health effects.