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Austin: Fluoride free Austin takes action against forced water fluoridation

Source: Examiner.com | Austin Alternative Health Solutions Examiner
Posted on May 17th, 2011
Location: United States, Texas

There has been considerable controversy among health experts regarding the fluoridation of municipal water supplies, enough to arouse public concerns with activist groups working to have it abolished. Petitioning the FDA and USDA and Congress has just not worked. Locally, Hawaii avoided water fluoridation and Fairbanks Alaska recently stopped decades of forced fluoridation.

Though the grass roots movement to banish the EPA’s declared toxin of sodium fluoride from our water supplies has more promise than pushing on a federal level, it’s not necessarily easy. Activist group Fluoride Free Austin is very aware of that.

Fluoride Explained

Don’t buy the argument that the fluoride in our municipal water supply is a naturally occurring benign substance. That’s a reference to calcium fluoride, which does occur naturally in some wells. That is not what is being put into our water supply. Sodium fluoride is what is added to our tap water, and it’s toxic.

Sodium fluoride, or fluorosilic acid, is a toxic byproduct of mostly the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries. This byproduct is so toxic that the EPA forced phosphate plants to use smoke stack scrubbers after several confirmed reports of plant area residents becoming very ill and crops and livestock dying. After all, sodium fluoride is used for rat poison too.

But the disposal of the toxic waste from the scrubbers became a problem, a financial burden. Solution? Convince community administrations that this toxic fluoride brew is the same as calcium fluoride and should be added to water supplies for tooth decay prevention. Then sell it to the communities for a profit.

Our bones, pineal glands, and other organs attract and absorb the fluorides. Bones become week, brains get sluggish, and kidney problems accrue. Just take a look at the warning on a tube of toothpaste. It tells you to call 911 if your child ingests the contents. Oh yeah, it’s safe alright! There’s plenty more here.

Fluoride Free Austin (FFA) Makes a Dent

After over two years of struggling to be heard in City Hall chambers, Fluoride Free Austin finally got their chance last March, 2011. Upon reviewing the video that documented the activist group’s testimony to the Austin, TX City Council’s Health Task Force, it appears that this hearing was merely going through the motions to appear concerned. After all, City Council elections were approaching in May, 2011. But these city council members were not open to changing. They seem to be okay with Austin’s million dollar plus expense to poison our water supply.

Some of the comments made by council members and their chosen medical experts were absurd. The Travis County (Austin) Medical Director was totally irrational. They even ignored the fact that there is a huge difference between naturally occurring calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

Fluoride Free Austin’s point is not whether fluoride helps prevent tooth decay (it doesn’t), but that it is a health hazard if ingested daily. This was presented very adequately and appropriately, according to stuffy bureaucrat standards, by the knowledgeable activists at the meeting.

FFA (Fluoride Free Austin) Hoping for Some New Council Members

After this event, the City of Austin signed onto a one year extension for more sodium fluoride deliveries despite the million dollar annual price tag. Fluoride Free Austin (FFA) continues its uphill struggle against a stacked deck with the hopes of voting in a few new Council Members who are against funding fluoridation, around a million dollars annually, to forcibly medicate Austin’s citizens with hazardous materials.

However FFA is not discouraged. The group senses now that the issue is more in the open as a local political topic, and they’re still motivated to continue this crusade. More than one person running for City Council has voiced opposition to fluoridating the city’s water supply as an unnecessary expense. And a few of the other current council members seem open to more investigation of fluoride matters. Maybe those few council members just need to be free from the Council peer pressure that refuses to hear the truth.

If you’re curious and want more information on the reality of sodium fluoride, visit the Fluoride Free Austin site.