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Ballina: Move to overturn fluoride vote fails

Source: Northern Star | April 9th, 2009 | By Janet Grist
Location: Australia

BALLINA Shire Council is going ahead with fluoridation of the shire’s water supply.

Last night, at an extraordinary meeting, the council rejected a bid to overturn a decision two weeks ago to fluoridate the water.

The rescission motion had called on the council to create a community panel of seven to fully examine the available evidence on fluoride.

Six councillors, Mayor Phillip Silver, Sharon Cadwallader, Peter Moore, Ben Smith, Susan Meehan and Robyn Hordern, voted against the rescission motion; with Councillors Jeff Johnson, Keith Johnson, David Wright and Alan Brown backing the bid for increased consultation.

Cr Silver said he believed fluoridation was safe and effective and for him to vote otherwise would be immoral.

At the end of the meeting, angry community members lashed the council with cries of ‘Zieg heil’ from the gallery.