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Beatty’s main well on line

Source: Pahrump Valley Times | August 6th, 2003 | By RICHARD STEPHENS
Location: United States, Nevada

BEATTY – The town’s main water well went back into service Sunday after a crew installed a new motor to drive the pump.

The well, formerly operated by the Barrick Bullfrog Mine, had been out of service for almost a month, forcing the town to use water from another well that had high fluoride content.

Repairs on the well were delayed when a truck carrying a replacement motor was involved in an accident, damaging a protective coating on the motor. The Utah crew that replaced the pump was also slightly delayed in arriving when one of the trucks carrying their equipment blew six tires.

The 200-horsepower, cylinder-shaped motor had to be pulled from a depth of more than 1,000 feet. Beatty Water and Sanitation District Manager Jim Weeks estimated the total cost of parts and labor at approximately $90,000…