This Notice is for the Bellefonte Borough Authority Water customers, excluding those customers on the Corning distribution system (this distribution system was not previously fluoridated).  Bellefonte Borough Authority is planning to discontinue the addition of fluoride into treated drinking water.  This is NOT a notice that there has been any type of situation that would adversely affect your health.  The approximate date for fluoride discontinuance is Tuesday, September 8, 2015. Please send comments in writing via email to or by mail to:  Bellefonte Borough Authority, 236 West Lamb Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823.

PWS ID# 4140075

The Bellefonte Borough Authority is discontinuing fluoridation of the water for the following reasons.  PA DEP recently did a thorough inspection of our water system.  They said we were not putting in the minimum amount of fluoride which I believe is 2 ppm [sic].  In order for us to put in the minimum amount of fluoride, our costs would go up $20 to $30,000 annually.  On top of that, they said we had to renovate the room/building where the fluoride is injected to install a shower in case some of the fluoride acid spilled on skin or splashed in eyes.  Because it is an acid, it has to be washed off immediately.  Even though fluoridation is controversial, we, the Bellefonte Borough Authority looked at the annual cost issues, the regulatory issues, and the safety issues related to handling it.  This does not include renovating the building to meet DEP requirements.  These factors are why the Authority has decided to discontinue adding fluoride to our water.

Bellefonte Borough is in Centre County. See original notice