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Bennington: The fluoride bullies

Source: Bennington Banner | January 14th, 2015 | Letter by Mike Bethel
Location: United States, Vermont

Bullying is a nasty habit. Nobody likes to be bullied. Nobody should be bullied. Thank goodness we’ve addressed this issue of bullying in the schools.

But it is rearing its ugly head in Bennington, not only among adults, but among professionals, and it’s just as rude as if it were a schoolyard tough.

A few, semiretired medical professionals are bullying us by insisting on fluoride in our water supply.

Single moms and folks on low income seem to be the prey of these individuals, in the way this is being presented at recent Bennington Selectboard meetings.

They are pushing mass medication on our town.

This issue of fluoride in our water was brought up 14 years ago. Our Selectboard ordered a study that concluded it was inadvisable to put fluoride in Bennington’s water supply.

Now the issue is back, and the bullying has also returned.

On Feb. 19, a group of concerned citizens will hold a forum to discuss this issue in Bennington, and all are invited. We intend to look at the risks to the public and the impertinence of those who want bully us by insisting that foreign substances be added to our community water system.

If this ever is presented to the voters as an advisory vote, I will vote “no” and urge all voters to do the same.

Mike Bethel,