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Bethel selectmen offer to schedule informational session on fluoride water

Source: Sun Journal | January 29th, 2015 | By Matthew Daigle, Staff Writer
Location: United States, Maine

Two weeks after a Bethel business owner requested 45 minutes of time during a May 11 public hearing to give information on fluoride in the town’s water, the Board of Selectmen said Monday they would schedule a separate informational session for her to present her data.

The town has added fluoride to the water supply since 1970.

Bethel business owner Sarah Lane brought evidence of health risks before the selectmen and asked for them to organize a town vote on whether to stop using it in the drinking water.

Lane, who is not a resident of Bethel, said there is evidence of fluoride being linked to brain damage.

Following an August 2014 public hearing at which residents gave their opinions on the issue, the selectmen voted to postpone a special referendum town meeting scheduled for Sept. 8, 2014, and schedule it for June 9, 2015, a day before the town’s annual town meeting.

The selectmen later scheduled a public hearing on May 11 for residents to voice their opinion on the issue.

Town Manager Christine Landes said she was concerned about having a 45-minute public hearing.

“The board offered the option for her to have some sort of informational session, where she can bring people to speak and present her information,” Landes said. “The board said they would let her use the meeting room for the meeting.”

Landes said that Lane was going to contact the town after she had made a decision regarding the informational session.

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