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Blount County utility won’t add fluoride to water

Source: The Associated Press | November 1st, 2004

MARYVILLE, Tenn. The South Blount (BLUHNT) County Utility District has decided to not add fluoride to the water processed at its new treatment plant.
A wide array of public health organizations, including the American Dental Association, supports fluoridating water supplies to help prevent tooth decay.

Utility district manager Isom Lail and treatment plant manager Henry Durant recommended stopping fluoridation and the board adopted it.

Lail says he’s “personally and professionally opposed” to fluoridating the water. He says adding fluoride isn’t required and the utility wants to add the least chemicals possible.

Two antifluoridation groups have hailed the utility’s decision, saying fluoridation contributes to brittle bones in older people and may cause other health problems.

A dental association Web policy statement says none of the charges have been proved by generally accepted science.

The utility serves 13-hundred customers.