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Blue Lake City Council considers water fluoridation

Source: The Eureaka Reporter | July 24th, 2007 | By Cerena Johnson

The Blue Lake City Council decided not to take further action at its meeting Tuesday with regard to requesting fluoridation of water through the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.

HBMWD was first approached by three of its wholesale municipal customers — McKinleyville Community Services District, Humboldt Community Services District and Fieldbrook-Glendale Community Services District — to consider fluoridation of water earlier this year.

HBMWD has since received letters from all seven wholesale municipal customers that support the consideration of fluoride, though Manila and Arcata are specifically requesting the study currently in progress addresses whether districts could “opt out,” pending treatment and costs for removal of fluoride if desired.

HBMWD is requesting the municipalities gauge publicinput on the issue.

The Blue Lake City Council determined at a recent council meeting that a phone survey within the city would not be an accurate portrayal of the residents’ views toward water fluoridation.

Council members questioned the cost and time line required for fluoride implementation.

HBMWD General Manager Carol Rische said she expects the costs will be calculated by August.

… The City Council also announced the city’s Web site will officially be set to launch today.