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Booneville Water District to add fluoride to its water supply

Source: 4029tv.com | September 2nd, 2014 | By Jonathan Rozelle, Reporter
Location: United States, Arkansas
Industry type: Delta Dental

Residents have twice rejected the idea

The Booneville Water District will add fluoride to its drinking water in the coming weeks, district officials said.

Officials say they have no choice, but residents had mixed feelings about the idea.

“If the state requires it, it’s a good idea,” said Booneville resident, Jim Rodatc.

“I don’t think the government should step in and decide for you,” said Booneville resident Stacy Rando. “I mean, if it’s been voted down in the past, the people and residents have spoken what they want.”

Rando also said there are concerns with rate increases.

“Everybody in this time and the way the economy is should be concerned about the rate increases,” Rando said.

Booneville’s water department director, David Hardin, said it could cost the city about $25,000 a year to add the fluoride.

The fluoride system installation should be done by the end of October. Officials said Delta Dental will cover the costs for the first year.

Afterward, city officials will decide if the city needs to increase water rates.