Dear Editor:

A group of concerned citizens is working to put the question of water fluoridation before the voters of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport. Our website,, explains what sodium fluoride is and how it is best used to prevent tooth decay.

Studies show similar declines in tooth decay in countries that have fluoridated their water supplies and those that haven’t. The Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization and National Research Council all recognize the most effective use of fluoride is topical, such as in toothpaste, not through ingestion. They also recognize the importance of diet and regular dental hygiene in oral health.

Studies show vitamin deficiency plays a large role in tooth decay, which could be exacerbated by the ingestion of fluoride, as it inhibits proper absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium. Although fluoridation of public water supplies was originally well-intentioned, the best available data on fluoride effectiveness and potential adverse health effects lead us to conclude the practice is no longer needed.

To clarify a few points in the Feb. 7 pro-fluoridation letter to the Register, fluoride does not exist naturally in Adams Pond or Knickerbocker Lake. The sodium fluoride added to our public water supply is a waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

The FDA classifies fluoride as a drug when used to treat or mitigate a disease. By fluoridating the water supply, the water district is “medicating” the public. Although the water district regulates the fluoride dose in the water supplied to consumers, the dosage an individual ingests on a daily basis is directly related to their consumption.

The pro-fluoridation letter likens fluoridation to iodized salt or Vitamin D supplemented milk. Although we think the comparison is a bit of a stretch, we note the authors miss the biggest difference: freedom to choose. One can decide whether to buy iodized or non-iodized salt. There is no option with consumption of water from the public water supply. Every drop of water, one of our body’s most basic needs, comes with a dose of sodium fluoride.

The most effective way to prevent tooth decay is through a nutritious diet and proper oral hygiene. The Fluoride Opposition Coalition is taking a stand for the right to clean, un-medicated water while promoting local resources to support community wellness.

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Anna Christina

Boothbay Harbor

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