… the issue of fluoridated water recently arose during a Boyne City Commission meeting when one public official suggested immediately discontinuing the city’s practice of adding the chemical to its municipal water supply…

During the Boyne City Gazette’s investigation of the matter, it was discovered that Charlevoix County’s 13 municipal and private water systems range from none to higher-than-optimal levels.

The Fluoridation of Boyne City’s water began on Jan. 1, 1973. Boyne City’s natural level of fluoridation is zero and it therefore adds enough fluorosilicic acid to bring it up to an optimal level of 1.

Charlevoix County’s other water systems and their fluoride levels in milligrams per liter of water are as follows:

• Boyne Falls – Naturally-occurring optimal level of fluoride of 1

• City of Charlevoix – Adds fluorosilicic acid to reach a level of 1

• Charlevoix Township – Naturally-occurring level of 1.7

• City of East Jordan – fluorosilicic acid added to reach level of 1

• GrandVue Medial Care Facility – Purchases its water from a municipal water supply that reaches the level of 1 milligram per liter of water

• Hemingway Pointe Condos – Naturally-occurring fluoride level of 1.4

• Horton Bay Club – Naturally-occurring level of 1.6

• Lake Michigan Heights MHP – Naturally-occurring level of 0.8

• Melrose-Chandler Water Company – Naturally-occurring level of 1

• Walloon Lake Water System – Naturally-occurring level of 1.3 …

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