A proposition calling for reintroduction of fluoride back into Buda’s city water supply failed by a wide margin, according to unofficial, final election results.

Proposition A, which dealt with adding fluoride to Buda’s water, was voted down with roughly 64 percent of the vote. Over 600 total Buda voters were against the measure, which has been a polarizing issue in the city.

Opposition to Proposition A was seen as soon as early voting numbers were released. Roughly 320 of the 497 early votes were against Prop A.

However, changes will be coming in the way Buda residents are represented after voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition B, which dealt with changing the city’s city council from an at-large to a hybrid single-member district format.

Roughly 61 percent of voters in Buda approved the partial transition, which would have the council change to three at-large, three single-member council members and the mayor, which would be voted on an at-large basis. That change would only occur once the city hits 25,000 people.

Overall, 19 out of 20 Buda propositions on the ballot were approved by voters…

*To read the full article on the election results go to https://haysfreepress.com/2017/11/07/buda-votes-down-fluoridation-while-kyle-elects-mayor-council-members/