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Bundaberg: Council fights on against fluoride

Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle | October 25th, 2012 | By Mike Derry
Location: Australia

BUNDABERG Regional Council is still holding on to the hope it will not be forced to fluoridate its drinking water.

The State Government is pushing ahead with the previous government’s policy of forcing councils across Queensland to fluoridate their water.

The council had hoped to receive and exemption after talks with the LNP before the state election, but later Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said some councils would have to go ahead with the controversial proposal.

Mr Springborg mentioned Bundaberg by name in that statement.

Cr Alan Bush, a long-time opponent of the forced fluoridation of Bundaberg’s water, has still not given up on the fight.

He took the opportunity to have a meeting with Mr Springborg this week while he was in Brisbane for the Local Government Association of Queensland conference.

Cr Bush said he, Mayor Mal Forman and council CEO Peter Byrne laid out the figures for Mr Springborg.

But the Bundaberg delegation was still up in the air after the meeting.

“He never promised us anything, he never told us one way or the other,” Cr Bush said.

Cr Bush said he pointed out that the money to be spent on forced fluoridation might better go towards funding Queensland health.

“I said funding for the AGL rescue helicopter might be more important,” he said.

Cr Bush said Mr Springborg would take the bid for an exemption to a Cabinet meeting in a few weeks.