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Burger King Confirms Its Restaurants Do Not Use ‘Fluoridated Salt’

Source: WireNews+Co News Desk | December 12th, 2012
Location: United Kingdom
Industry type: Miscellaneous Salt

WireNews+Co has recently begun a programme aimed at exposing which manufacturers/producers add ‘fluoride‘, including the toxic chemicals disodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) and or hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) to their products under the guise of reducing tooth decay.

According to the Customer Relations department for Burger King Worldwide, the company does not use fluoridated salt at its restaurants.

“We don’t use fluoridated salt, we use high purity food grade sodium chloride that may contain other naturally occurring minerals (less than 0.01%), but we don’t test for (naturally occurring) fluoride,” wrote the company’s customer relations representative.

A landmark 2006 National Research Council (NRC) report on fluoride in water identified many adverse health effects associated with exposure to fluoride. Based on the concentration levels reported to be harmful, there is clearly no adequate margin of safety to protect against these adverse effects for nearly 200 million Americans drinking fluoridated water. Especially at risk are infants and small children, the elderly or frail, and those with above average water consumption, inadequate nutrition, diabetes, and poor thyroid or kidney function.

Ignoring all risks in the NRC report, the US CDC still spends millions of tax dollars promoting fluoridation and, after more than one year, the US EPA has failed to do the fluoride Risk Assessment called for in the NRC report.

WireNews+Co is promoting a White House petition objecting to the wholesale fluoridation of the public’s drinking water. To sign the Petition follow this link.