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Calgary: City nixes fluoride removal

Source: METRO CALGARY | April 8th, 2009 | By SHAWN LOGAN
Location: Canada, Alberta

Fluoride will continue to flow from Calgary taps after city council yesterday shot down plans to put an end to the practice.

In a 7-6 vote, aldermen rebuffed the latest effort to reopen the contentious debate and remove the controversial chemical from the city’s water supply following a lengthy debate.

Ald. Druh Farrell, one of five council members who was leading the charge for a ban on fluoride, said council missed the boat by not ending the practice. She noted a growing scientific lobby is calling on communities to stop fluoridating water.

Calgary has been adding the chemical, aimed at improving dental health, to the water supply since 1991 and it has been the subject of six plebiscites.

Ald. Bob Hawkesworth asked for a new review but was voted down.