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Calgary fluoride decision final

Source: CBC News | April 15th, 2011
Location: Canada, Alberta

Plans to take fluoride out of Calgary’s drinking water are going ahead.
Alberta Environment says it reviewed four statements of concern over city council’s decision to discontinue fluoride in Calgary water.

The city voted 10-3 in February to stop adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water.

Two dentists, a doctor and Alberta Health Services urged Alberta Environment to reject the city’s application, saying fluoride use prevents tooth decay.

It costs Calgary about $750,000 a year to add fluoride to the water.

But Alberta Environment spokesperson Carrie Sancartier said the concerns of the four intervenors were not accepted.

“We were looking for somone to demonstrate a specific relationship between what their concern was and the proposed changes,” she said. “None of the statements has been accepted.”

Now, it’s up to the city to finish the paperwork and Alberta Environment will sign off on the decision so the use of fluoride can be discontinued.