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Calgary (Letter): Fluoride’s effectiveness isn’t certain

Source: Calgary Herald | June 26th, 2018 | By James S. Beck, MD, PhD
Location: Canada, Alberta

Re: “Children’s teeth are paying price for cancellation of fluoridation,” Opinion, June 22.

The opinion piece stating that cessation of fluoridation has caused dental disease in Calgary is misleading.

The content deals mostly with two particular cases that are shocking. But there is no evidence that the harm is a result of a lack of fluoride in drinking water. And in the scientific literature, there is good evidence that it is not.

In Canada, less-fluoridated provinces have far fewer cavities than the largely fluoridated ones. In the United States, cavities are far more prevalent than in less-fluoridated Canada.

One of the authors of the piece is a bioethicist. She and the others should know that fluoridation of a public water supply is a gross violation of medical ethics. And for good reason.

James S. Beck, MD, PhD, professor emeritus, University of Calgary

*Original letter online at http://calgaryherald.com/opinion/letters/your-letters-for-tuesday-june-26