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Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: Pittsburgh WPXI

Source: WPXI News (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) | October 14th, 2019

Could water your mother drank while pregnant with you have lowered your IQ?

Could the water your mother drank while pregnant have lowered your IQ? A Canadian study published recently is raising those concerns and doctors in our area have warning for moms to be.

“It can be scary. They have you restrict so many things already, just trying to think what you are allowed to have and not allowed to have,” said Angela Rothhar.

Rothhar is a first-time mom to be and said pregnancy is challenging. When she heard a common chemical found in tap water she got even more concerned.

A new study out of Canada raised the question of how much fluoride is OK for pregnant women. The study just didn’t look at water, it looked at fluoride in coffee, teas and other common items.
Channel 11 asked Dr. Jacob Larkin, with UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital to look closer at the study for us.

“The study had interesting findings,” said Larkin. “It showed based on fluoride levels in woman’s urine it had impact on, or was associated with, IQ levels at age 3-4.”

He said, it raises a lot of questions, but doesn’t give all the answers like should pregnant women drink bottled water.

“It doesn’t really tell us here is a safe amount, or here is how much consumption is safe,” said Larkin.

The study also showed fluoride exposure had more of an affect on pregnant women carrying boys, than girls. But Larkin said much more research is needed before everyone changes their daily habits. He said his best advice for soon-to-be moms is to talk with your doctor.

“It has a lot of strengths and it points to an interesting association that should be studied in the future but I don’t think its robust enough to change behavior,” said Larkin.

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